Re: Week since vet here - questions - hoof pics loaded Lavinia


Hoping Lavinia will see this!
Sorry delay from original post, I've started a new job and had a vacation and settling back into all that now that vacay has come and gone.

Lavinia - thank you for your reply!  Salsa is up on dry lot 24/7 and has been for weeks now.
I put some pics up of Salsa's hooves in his photos - just the front feet. These pics were from 9/22 (rads from 9/18, farrier trimmed on 9/19).
I have a new farrier (think he's trimmed 2 - maybe 3x now).  I told him when he trimmed 9/18 that per the vet - NO sole was to be trimmed, showed him the rads etc - he didn't take any sole off and I was watching like a hawk too.

I am hoping Lavinia or some hoof gurus could look at the xrays and the pics I posted and give me info to ask my farrier about or "kindly suggest" he 'do' or 'not do' when he's back next week for a trim.  I know Lavinia recommended more bevel based on the xrays...hoping the pics from 3 days post trim (and 4 days post xrays) shed more light on what my farrier needs to consider/do/adjust.

Also - reached out to Dr Kellon at Uckele and sent her my hay analysis info (thanks Dr K!).  I emailed Uckele about ordering the recommended supplements today - still finishing old hay and have about 30 days of SmartPaks left (already canceled SmartEssentials and will make mind up about the Smart Digest Ultra later - it at least offers colic insurance).
So I'll get the new Uckele supps here as the old supps and hay run out.

Thanks everyone for the help!
Hopefully someone can make some good points for my farrier. 

Tracy and Salsa (1999 model year Paso Fino)
Middle TN USA, September 2019
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