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Please see this message thread from June.  It explains Daisee's problems beginning in May and which have just gotten progressively worse. 
An excerpt with her last blood work results, from May.
"....Debbie posted several times end of May after receiving blood work results but received no reply; Please see Message #
"We drew her blood on Day 7 after her Cabergoline injection of 1.25ml. in May." 
Results received May 15, 2019:
ACTH 32.9
Glucose 93
Insulin 95.14
Daisee's feet are bothering her and she didn't get any relief after her last Cabergoline injection of 1.25ml on June 13.  Numbers scary, especially for this time of year and she had been doing so well..."
At this point Debbie is running out of money and hope.  This is her special needs daughter's horse which means nothing because all these horses are so special, just saying.  Her dam was lost to this disease as well as her half sister.  So up to now she has had her Cabergoline every 10 days faithfully, and we are up to 1.6.  I am putting up pix I was able to take today.
We would so appreciate any  thoughts, experience, strength and hope.
Thank you.
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Debbie and Driving Miss Daisee


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