New lab values for RC

Jan Petersen

I have new lab values for RC and would appreciate any input regarding management changes,or not, as the case may be. Thank you in advance!! I will try to update his case history, however I am computer illiterate, so ...... it is always a challenge. ACTH 9/17 106, 12/11/17 79.8, 4/11/18 76.3, 4/15/19 37.5, 10/7/19 52.5pg/ml. Glucose 10/7/19 83, Insulin 10/7/19 39.47, and Leptin 10/7/19 5.92. He is currently on Prescend 2mg daily. My veterinarian is fine with continuing with 2mg daily. 
Jan and RC
Stockertown, PA, USA
Feb 2018
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