Re: Nutritional needs advice for Logan

Irene Collins-Fotino

Thank you Dr. Kellon. 

Question regarding the hay cubes. We are adding the wet cubes 1/2 cup of wet cubes at a time to 2 of his
feedings per day and removing the same amount of hay stretcher. However he gets 6 feedings of hay stretcher
per day - 8:00 am, 10, 12, 2, 4 and 6. = 12 quarts.
Should we add more cubes to each feeding or keep adding the cubes twice a day? And should we continue with the 6 feedings
per day? We began these frequent feedings after the "colic" episode. 

The instructions on the bag say that if the cubes are to be a sole source of food to feed 1 to 2% per body weight.
Logan now weighs 895 pounds. At that rate we would only get 5 meals per bag and at $29.00 per bag that is going to be a very costly diet. The vet wants him to gain another 40 - 50 lbs. What do other folks do? Are others combining beet pulp, Stabul 1 etc., to
their horses diets.
Besides his supplements i.e., phytoquench, salt, etc. I am thinking that his diet should consist of:

- hay cubes
- beet pulp
- Stabul 1

What is the ultimate amount per day that I should be moving towards - beet pulp, cubes and Stabul 1?

Thanks much,


Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH

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