Nutritional needs advice for Logan

Irene Collins-Fotino

Hi Dr.  Kellon,

So then how do I take care of Logan in his old age? I have calculated that a 50 lb bag of cubes will only last 2.7 days if
that is his only source of food. I am assuming that I am calculating dry not wet cubes. If I feed him 6 lbs each of 
Stabul 1 ($19.00 / bag) 6 lbs beet pulp (included in board) and 6 lbs cubes ($29.00 / bag) then the Stabul 1 and
the cubes will last 8 days each. The additional cost for Logan's diet will be $200.00 monthly.
I am trying very hard to make sure that he is getting the vitamins and minerals he needs and since I should not continue to use his Horse Tech custom product, what else can I do - what am I missing?? He is also on Uckele vitamin E. Forgot to put that
in the list above.

Thank you,

Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH

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