Dr. K please? Was updated Oden's Case History

Cindy Giovanetti

Dr. K, 

I've just asked my vet to do an ACTH test on Oden, and he is pushing back.  He's a mobile vet (not with a big clinic), and this test is complicated for him to handle.

I asked him if there was any chance the insulin test was handled incorrectly and if rerunning it might give me a less Cushings-feeling result (up from 100 to 150).  He said no.  It was handled properly.

Is there anything else to try before insisting on the ACTH test?  Invokana? Metformin?  Anything else?  Oden is 12 and has no other PPID symptoms.

Cindy, Oden, and Eeyore, North Texas
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