Re: sore hindquarters/ belly lifts


Well, I am here to tell you, the Belly lift theory didn't work on Pandora
Mule today. She turned around and looked at me like, "Now what is it you
want me to do? Just tell me, don't do that stuff!" She is so usually stoic,
as if she has experienced it all but today, belly lifts gave her something
new to think about. I could almost sense that she was hoping this was not
"the start of something new." And I am not sure her belly ever really
lifted, after all that, but we did try. Maybe next time she won't be quite
so surprised and the results will be more encouraging. Daisy Mae Donkey was
impressed with the whole routine. Now that girl has a belly that would
require a "Hoyer Lift" to get her belly in the air. Not going there! Kay,
who thinks that this using different muscles has to be therapeutic

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