Re: Supplements with maltodextrin and molasses - trying to deal with ulcers and IR

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

There's not enough maltodextrin in a serving of most supplements to cause a problem.  

Strongid won't reliably remove anything except tapeworms because of widespread resistance.

The benefits of alfalfa may actually be related to high pectin content. You often read that calcium and protein in alfalfa are "buffers" but they're not. Buffers have to be capable of neutralizing H+ ions, so have to have a negative (anionic) charge. Calcium is also positively charged so can't buffer. Some protein peptides can buffer but their breakdown products then stimulate acid secretion.

Pectin is anionic and a buffer. Drop down to page 36 in this old article: .

Pectin, often in combination with lecithin which coats ulcerated areas, has been known for quite some time to have a positive effect on gastric ulcers. Once your Ulcergard course is finished you may want to look into adding pectin alone or with lecithin to your supplements. A typical dose is 2.5 g/100 kg of body weight once or twice daily - same dose for each.
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