Information to Balance Minerals Myself

Leah Bartel

Hello everyone. First off, I am very grateful this resource exists for horse owners so thank you to everyone who makes it happen!

I just joined the group and am aware that the best way to do mineral balancing is to find someone who can do it for you. That being said, I would like to at least initially try doing it myself  and have been searching the files for information on how to do it yourself. The best I can find is Dr. Keller makes reference to a Hay Balancer Calculator in the file labelled "Nutritional Needs for Insulin Resistant and Cushings Horses," but I have not been able to find that calculator. Also, are the reference values for mineral balancing for IR and Cushings horses different than what is listed for the NRC mineral suggestions? I have balanced my horses' hay in the past, but used the NRC guidelines...

Thanks for your help. I will be getting busy on my horse's case study now.

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