Thyro-L no longer having an effect? #Thyro-L



Our vet prescribed 2 scoops of Thyro-L to our little 500lb pony back in early September.  We initially noticed weight loss and her various fat pads and neck crest improved (her overall weight was never a problem.)  Over the past month or so, however, it looks like the effect has reversed a bit and her neck crest is a bit thicker/denser.  We haven't changed her feed or routine.  (If anything, she was walking around more in November.)   

I mentioned to the vet that I don't think the Thyro-L is helping and I'm concerned about keeping her on so much of it, especially if it's not doing any good.  Have others seen a similar effect?  

We are currently waiting for the results of our latest ACTH and insulin tests to come back.

Thank you!

"mom" to Lolly (20 yr old EMS/PPID Welsh pony who foundered in August 2019)
Eugene, Oregon

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