Re: Update on Storm

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

These cases are rarely cut and dried. Her blood work from Spring can bear little resemblance to what is going on during the seasonal rise. It looks like she is at the stage where she has exaggerated seasonal rises which push her insulin into high levels - and the cold probably is also a factor. Good example of how smoldering EMS is still doing damage to the laminae. It's very difficult to answer your question about dosage without blood work but yes, you can see positive results that quickly. Since we are out of, or almost out of, the rise period and she's doing well, if your vet agrees you could stay at this dose. I would probably keep her on at least for as long as her seasonal pain has lasted before, and add Jiaogulan; consider taking her off when she's past the danger time for her and retest to see if she needs it all year. She'll definitely need it next fall.
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