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I have 2 horses whose insulin was over 1200half Quarterhorse mare. Libby is 11 and a QuarterHorse, Arab Warmblood. daughter of Target. Her insulin also was over 1200. We grow our own hay on our farm. They get hay cubes, timothy hay pellets, salt, flax vitamin E, bovine colostrum and jiaogulan and spirulina, and local first cut grass hay. My vet put them both on Thryol  L to help lose weight. She didn't hae anything more to help and suggested Libby be put down. We also put them both on metformin for a time but didn't find it helped.  On my own I tried psyllium once a month for a week at night to help them feel full for the night. Also tumeric was added to their diet Hope this helps.

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Sent: Wednesday, December 18, 2019 11:06:04 AM
Subject: [ECIR] Cluster of Severe EMS Cases

I'm trying to collect information on all the cases of severely elevated insulin  (200 uIU/1200 pmol  or higher), usually also with elevated glucose, in horses or ponies/minis located in western Canada and along the west coast of the US. If you have one of these, please send the following information to drkellon "at"

1.  The animal's location, including nearest city or town, and how long you have been there
2.  Animal's age, breed and sex
3.  Insulin and glucose at diagnosis or time of severe worsening
4.  Where your hay is grown
5.  Other items in the diet
6.  Treatments tried and response to them
7.  Link to your case history on ECIR if you have one

Any other comments are welcome.

Thank you.
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