Stabul 1 available at TSC in Pelham, NH

Irene Collins-Fotino

Hi all,

Just want to let you know of my experience with TSC in Pelham, NH:

For some time, I have been getting Stabul 1 at TSC in Pelham, NH. It was difficult at first to figure out how 
their process worked, but I worked with the store manager at the time and we were able to get 20 bags of
Stabul 1 at a time. They were stored at the store and I would buy 5 bags at a time. Things worked smoothly
for a time, then the store manager moved to a new store and was replaced with a new manager who was
one of the most difficult people I have every encountered. She returned Logan's food without notifying me
leaving us with no food. I made a small fuss and she eventually found a few bags at a RI store. She told me
to give her 2 weeks notice and she would be able to keep a small stock in the store. 
About 7 weeks ago, I called and spoke to the assistant store manager who told me that the store manager
was on vacation and she would take care of it. Long story short, that communication fell through the cracks
and when the store manager came back from vacation, we had another one of our pleasant conversations.
At that point, we were again out of food.
I called her manager and wrote an email to customer service. The customer service folks were great and
had a few bags shipped to the barn from another store. Her manager has assured me that the store will
stock Stabul 1 in the future so that we will not run out again.
I'm letting you know all of this in the hope that if you are in the Southern NH area, you will source your
Stabul 1 from that store. They have told me that I am the only person who buys Stabul 1 and that if they
had more folks who ordered it, they would be able to carry a larger supply.

Thanks for listening!


Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH

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