Dr Kellon / dosage advice please?

Bobbie Day

Doctor K,
The last week Desi has had a snotty nose, it hasn’t been a lot and since there no other symptoms I was hoping maybe it was because of the sudden cold we have had and it would clear up.
today I noticed she has a hard crest again and seems to be really touchy there and in her flank area. Just as I boasted about her being maintained on half dose of Prascend!
i was hoping to hold off on testing until the first of the year, she doesn’t appear to be footsore (knock on wood). Do you think it would be ok to up her dose another quarter of a pill? I don’t want this to escalate. I stopped rinsing her hay because she was doing so much better.
still gets r/s/r BP and her supplements. She is booted and front legs kept warm, has a nice beautiful heavy coat.

Bobbie and Desi
Utah, Nov 2018



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