Blood work results and next step


Now I finally received my blood work results for Aine. ACTH is 129 pg/ml, Insulin 60.74 uIU/ml, Glucose 101 mg/dL and Leptin 11.15 ng/ml . G/I ratio is 1.66 . Blood was taken on 12/11 at 8:30 am, 1 h after morning feeding (still emergency diet).
My conclusion would be that Aine is highly Insulin resistant, possibly due to uncontrolled ACTH. Next step would be to increase the Pergolide (currently 1 mg/d) to maybe 1.5 mg/d and retest in 1 or 2 months. Is that correct? I will talk to my vet tomorrow, he is off today.
November 2019 

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