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Carla Caudill-Waechter

Just wanted to update on my use of Bio-Sponge for very loose manure and excessive gas in a 31 y o gelding. I gave him 4 oz twice a day for 7 days; there was a very slight improvement on the second day overall; his gas decreased after 3 days, but manure remained very loose, with occasional squirts through the 6th day. I then read a comment by Dr. K that Bio-Sponge only binds virus/bacteria but does not kill it. Yesterday I added  two 1.5 oz doses of Pepto-Bismol and noticed in the evening his manure was firming up. Hopefully, his manure issues are now resolved! I realize this is off-topic for this group, as he is not PPID/IR, so if I have any further details to add, I will start a thread in Horsekeeping. 

best wishes to all in the coming New Year!
Carla Caudill-Waechter
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September, 2017
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