Re: Cluster of Severe EMS Cases


Evening Dr. Kellon et al,
Sandi from G's Organic Solutions here. Thank you for inviting me to engage in this conversation.  Dr. Kellon, as none of my emails to you in the past, sharing what we were doing, and my offer of complimentary product to any of your members to widen our trials was responded to; I assumed your group was not interested in our research or product. I apologize if I was mistaken. I highly respect the work all of you do, as well as your policies, which is why I have never posted to your forum about WIRX.

I would first like to respond to comments.  Is our product a magic bullet? Of course not.  We are very clear in the data we share that not all the trial horses responded as favorably as hoped. But others had amazing responses. More on that later.
It was mentioned that some ECIR members had very poor results on our product.  I don't know what this is based on, as our product only became available for purchase a couple of months ago, and so far, all customers have re-ordered (except of course those who ordered within the past month), so I would assume that means they are all pleased with the results? Please correct me if I am wrong.  It was also mentioned we do not share info or data? Where does this comment stem from? Anyone who has emailed us asking for info has been sent that immediately. I should add our web guru will have our site updated with more info within a week or so.

On to more positive stuff....
I will try to be brief and thorough.  There is plenty of new research on the benefits of cranberries for a variety of health issues.  We were very interested in studies on its use for insulin resistance. Of course, no studies on horses, but we were curious if it could be beneficial. We spent many months (starting September 2018) testing different varieties of cranberry, as each are quite different in A-type proanthrocyanin (PAC) make up.  We also had to test response to dosage, as well as find a consistency that was palatable to the horses. Results were promising (with the correct variety), but we noticed that the horses that also had elevated glucose had a lesser response. This is when we decided to add in cinnamon to see if it would both lower glucose and consequently further lower insulin. We chose to use Ceylon or "true" cinnamon instead of common (cassia) cinnamon because it contains almost no coumarin, which is known to potentially cause hepatic issues, and coumarin is a banned substance for competitive horses. More testing, better results.  This is when we began our true field trial (late April 2019).  
It is interesting that not all the horses responded at the same rate.  For example, Suzie, 23 yr old, had an insulin drop from 1594 (pmol/L) to 220 in 30 days (lab norm range 28-390). Callie, 12 yr Welsh mare started above lab maximum of 2165, but her levels have come down gradually.  729, then 429, then 68. 
The veterinarian contracted to select horses, and to do all health checks, blood sampling and send out lab work, used the same lab for all testing.  She and her amazing assistant juggled their schedules to ensure all blood work was drawn at 3 hrs (+/-15 minutes) post breakfast feed. Full CBC and Chem panels were also conducted every few months to ensure no health or safety issues.

We were approved and licenced with Health Canada's Low Risk Veterinary Products, and have FDA approval for export to the US.  

Is WIRX a cure?  Of course not, and our product pamphlet clearly states that IR is not cured, it is and exercise being of the foremost importance. But, if it can help horses and ponies that are not responding to a low s/s balanced diet, then it is worth trying in our opinion,  Will it work for every horse - no.  But then neither do all pharmaceuticals or other treatments.  But the more options for these horses means a better chance of good health.

We take pride in what we do and how we do it.  A lot of effort and expense goes into developing new products.  Our goal is University Research trials on WIRX, in hopes to learn the exact way in which it is working, but those take time.  
At the end of the day, we all have the same goal - helping these horses.  If what our company is doing can help further research into this disorder, we would be thrilled to help.  

I wish all of your a happy, and healthy 2020!
And thank you again for inviting my input.

G's Organic Solutions.

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