Logan Insulin increase

Irene Collins-Fotino

HI all,

Logan's recent blood work shows an inrease in insulin to 55.74 from 17.81. ACTH is still
off the charts. Other blood work is within normal limits. I will post an updatated CH soon. 
I started him on InsulinWise per our vet and he has been on that for about a month.
Has anyone had experience with this product from Kentucky Performance and is there another
product that you prefer? 

He had another colicky episode this past weekend. Perhaps it's my imagination and not sure
what your thoughts are, but when he presents with colicky signs, I give him an acupressure
treatment which seems to help. This last time, he bounced back within a very short period of
time - before the vet arrived. I told her what I had done and asked what she thought and 
surprisingly she responded positively and said that he looked much better than she was
expecting.  He received a very brief rectal bowel clear and two hours of fluids and was himself. 

Thanks in advance for any thoughts, suggestions etc.


Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH



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