Logan Insulin increase

Irene Collins-Fotino

Hi Sherry and Martha,

I will put all of this into Logan's CH but for now here is what I have:

most recent blood work was sampled on 11/12/19 and finalized on 11/20 at Cornell:

glucose    103   range 71-122
lipemia     5   normal <30
hemolysis    6   normal <20
icterus    1   

ACTH  >1250
Insulin   55.47   range  10-40

Previous bloodwork is in his CH. 

His feed now - recommended by Dr. Kellon in October is:

6 pounds of ODTB cubes. These are soaked in hot water. He likes them warm
   and wet, but not sloppy wet
4 pounds of Stabul 1
4 pounds of beet pulp      These do not contain molasses. They are soaked in not water, but
   not R,S,R

The vet is usually at our barn in the morning, but he probably had his morning meal of
beet pulp, Stabul 1 and cubes piror to the blood draw.

Thank you so much,

Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH



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