Re: Transitioning from prascend to compounded pergolide

Jan Petersen

Hi, I just recently switched from Prescend to Compounded Pergolide from Wedgewood Pharmacy. I haven’t started it yet. RC is on 2 mg of Prescend daily. I assumed he would get the same dose of Pergolide. Am I wrong?
On a different note, RC has started sweating under his sheet this year. We have been taking them off at night and putting it on during the day as needed. He has a full body clip, minus the legs and neck, which doesn’t seem to be helping. My vet suggested adding Cyproheptadine, which he has been on for 2 weeks with no change. She suggested repeating his bloodwork in March. Is there anything else I can do?? Any suggestions on blankets that whisk moisture away? I don’t want him to get chilled. Thank you all!!

Jan and RC
Stockertown, PA, USA
Feb 2018
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