Re: Transitioning from prascend to compounded pergolide

Nancy C

Hi Jan

Try this link for info on pergolide dosage when switching.  There is specific language your vat should know.,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,%23pergolidestrength,100,2,0,3760540,ct=1&ct=1

Additionally lots more information in the HASHTAG section.

See collection of messages on pergolide strength

Cyproheptadine as an addition to pergolide is not effective. There is no support for it's use as effective in the veterinary literature, except from the maker of Prascend. They needed to give folks a place to go beyond the expense of their drug. Most of us switched to compound instead when this happened, because the cypro does not work.  I am not aware, could not find info relating to cypro and sweating.,,,100,0,0,0::Created,,posterid%3A58231+cyproheptadine,100,2,0,1060672

He may need a dosage increase. Testing will let you know.
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