re-running bloodwork


I'm taking my 30 year old Shetland pony (IR, Cushings, Low Thyroid) mare Teeny off of Stabul 1.  Her insulin went from 70 to >200 after mineral balancing, transitioning from alfalfa pellets to Standlee Timothy pellets, raising her Prascent from 3 mg to 3.5 mg and adding 1 cup of Stabul 1 AM and PM.  I'm hoping it is the Stabul 1 that caused the increase.  How long after removing it should I wait to retest?   My vet is suggesting Metformin.  Should I wait for the next blood draw to make that decision or start it now?

I'm having trouble posting my case history but hope to have it up tomorrow.

Thanks for your help,
Terri Jennings
Arcata, CA
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