Permax-how long to start working


I just started my horse on permax and am wondering typically how long
will it take to see any change and usually what type of change will I
see? My vet said it would be hard to judge by coat since I clipped
her, and since she and her pasture buddy drink out of the same
can't measure water intake. I'm hoping i see a change in her
attitude, she's been depressed lately. I'm very happy with my new
vet, she's made several phone calls to other vets re: cushing
research and is also interested in checking out this group. Her
partner is an internal med specialist with an interst in cushings and
diabetes in horses. she also has no problem with us drawing our own
blood and having results sent to her or dropping it off at the
she said it's expensive enough to treat a chronically ill horse. My
husband works at a small vet office now and they said while they
treat large animals, he can use their lab as well. It's so nice to
have vets who want to work with a horse and owner like this, my last
vets were at best indifferent and at worst, not helpful at all.
My plan is to not start the thyroid replacement for a couple of
want to make sure if there are any odd occurances I don't have too
much else going on, took her off other supplements for time being,
thinks the permax will help with hind end stiffness and her bizarre
sweating. Will add thyroid and any other supplements one at a time
for now.
This vet told me that she is 100% sure my horse has cushings, that
ambiguity of her previous labs is just an indication of how
complicated cushings is. She spoke with several other vets about the
lab work and my horses symptoms and they agree. She didn't minimize
any of my efforts to maintain my horse so far and believed moving her
out of the large aggressive herd to this nice quiet place with one
gentle horse has helped alot.
Linda, happy to have an answer at last.

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