Re: Scooter (IR horse) first hoof photos uploaded

Leah Bartel


Do you need me to retake the photos in order to get markups? I don't have a problem doing it if the current photos are insufficient! 

When you say the walls need to be "brought inward," are you suggesting that I rasp the flare out of the wall by pulling her hoof our in front of her and onto the hoof jack and then rasping, or are you just saying that when I nip around the hoof wall, that I should cut into the stretched white line on the sides of her hooves just like I do at the toe? I have wondered how much I can cut into the stretched white line, because I know in a healthy hoof, you never want to cut into the white line area. Perhaps this is where the markups would be helpful :)

I do plan to get x-rays within the next two weeks, as soon as my vet is available. Thank you!

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