NEW MEMBER here.....Been reading thru all the great content and just uploaded my first stab at Case History which gives the short version of my Horse's history and current status with Laminitis and IR.  Implementing ECIR emergency diet suggestions to further refine the management steps we were already taking.

A few Questions have arisen in my mind for starters (I'm sure I will have many more)

1)  Regarding amount of hay to feed --  For a horse that needs to lose weight but is currently very restricted on exercise (10 minutes walking per day)....Does the 2% of target weight rule still apply or should I be feeding less than that?
I  totally understand that I do not want to his metabolism to go into starvation mode  but he is currently getting almost zero exercise and I don't want him to start regaining weight.  

Background: For several months our primary/previous vet had me continue to feed full ration of 'low starch' Purina feed(mistake, I think)  and 12 lbs of soaked hay daily....For Horse weighing ~1060 lbs +/-.   With new a vet now and we are off of the Feed now and on only Hay + Ration Balancer,  but I was continuing to feed only 12 lbs of hay daily in order to get the weight down....and he has lost weight.  
Read information on the ECIR website about feeding 1.5% of current wt or 2% of Target weight daily (horse now tapes @~960 lbs) and target weight(per previous vet) is 900 lbs so therefore I should be feeding 18lbs of Hay Daily?   He will eat as much as I provide for sure.

2) Regarding Frequency of Feeding hay --  Am I correct in thinking that more frequent/smaller feedings are beneficial in controlling Insulin spikes?
I have made hay feeders that 'drop' small servings of hay numerous times each day/night in paddock and stall -- just trying to confirm that this is ok/good for an IR Horse?   I also feed with slow feed nets, but slow is a relative term and he will eat constantly until hay net is empty, so I'm trying to prevent him eating for 45-mine or so then standing around for hours with nothing until he gets next meal and I assume big Insulin spike, if that makes sense.

3) Sounds like exercise is very Key....What should I ask my Vet about condition of the hoof/lamina in order to determine if Exercise can be increased?  
If Insulin is still high even with managed diet, what level of exercise is permissible?  

4) I'd like to have ECIR expert balance my hay and make supplement recommendations, but the hay test I had done by Equi-Analytical(see case history) was not #603 (did it before I discovered ECIR), so I need to pull another sample and order the proper test

Thanks in Advance for all your help.
Joe S. in TX 2020

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