I.r. horse questioning joint injections

Jonni Jump

My girl mirage got diagnosed with bursitis in her shoulder. She has been on previcoxx for 40 days now that's she's been off it a week she is now sore again after cantering and bucking in the pasture when hay was delivered.
Vet suggest that she be on previcoxx indefinitely but I feel that if she is on it for so long and she ends up reinjuring it when riding or something she may really hurt it badly. The vet/lameness specialist said that I could do the previcoxx or injections. With her being i.r. I'm scared at what would be in the injections. Any suggestions as to where to go from here is greatly appreciated.
Jonni Jump
June, 2018
Augusta Ga.
Mirage i.r. friesian/ssh mare 

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