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Hi Lavinia and others

I have now posted the latest x-rays taken yesterday.  They are here

The trimmer is still coming tomorrow otherwise i can't get her before I go away for a few days late next week.  I know she will definitely take the toe back with the nippers (which I am unable to use at this stage).  So I'd be so grateful if you could mark up the rads when you are able to and I'll show her.  I'm thinking that even if she doesn't want to do what you suggest, I can still monitor and then post photos of the trim afterwards.  I'm capable of tidying the trim as long as it doesn't need nippers.  

I look forward to your advice from here.

On a positive note, I think the pergolide, diet and the Eva pads are making a difference finally, as he is much more comfortable, despite his rotation.  He's back to his cheeky self and moving much more freely, albeit still restricted in his space.  We are on day 7 of the pergolide and seemed to have by-passed the 'veil' period safely.  So now to get the trim sorted. 

I open to any feedback / suggestions.

Glenys and Louis 
January 2020, Paekakariki, Wellington, New Zealand

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