locked Re: Yayo very sore after the trim

Maria Duran

Hi Tanna, 

Thank you for your concern, it is very much appreciated. I believe I wouldn´t be comfortable doing so because I feel I break his owner´s trust and I have conquered a lot with him so I don´t want to put him at risk.

He is still sore but slowly getting better. I performed a bloodwork for him on tuesday, this is 3 days after the trim while he was sore and his ACTH shows he was in pain. In january 18th his ACTH was 31 pg/ml and now in february 11th his ACTH is 56.8 pg/ml, glucose 98 mg /100ml and insulin 19.80 uIU/ml.

The good news is that his is finally almost at 5 BSC what he has never been on, his topline and rump are much much much better! 

I am already looking for a different trimmer and will talk again with his former one. I he doesn´t follow my guidance (right or wrong), I will change trimmer. I pay, I chose.

Thanks a lot Tanna!

María Durán Navarro 
Dec 2017
Madrid (Spain)

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