locked Re: Yayo very sore after the trim


Maria, we all come to this group with varying horse skills, and many of us come to this group with little to no knowledge about insulin resistance or ppid.   It is a big learning curve and we all learn as we go, with the help of this group and our wonderful moderators, first responders and fellow members.  We all have different difficulties along the way to overcome, problems with vets, farriers, sourcing hay and feed, those kinds of things.   You keep working through a lot of obstacles and never give up and you have already learned so much.  You are doing very good work.  
And to everyone here, we keep working to keep our horses healthy and sound, bringing them back from laminitis and all manner of things, sometimes working with less than optimal circumstances and we can have sound, happy horses because of it.  
 This is such a great group and I am very thankful for it.  
Laura K Chappie & Beau over the bridge
2011 N IL   

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