When to test for ACTH -what else should I test?



I'm new to this group. I suspect one of my horses is in the early stages of Cushings. Last spring I noticed that he didn't shed out as fast has he normally would. In late spring he got laminitic and  he stayed that way for a couple of months. He was better by August by controlling his access to grass. He's barefoot and has been trimmed accordingly. He also rubbed out most of the hairs at the top of his tail last spring despite regular de-worming. He's lost muscle in his neck and back even with regular appropriate gymnastic work and riding 4-5 times a week. He's been in regular work all winter and is sound now. He's 18 years old. The information on ACTH testing and seasonal influences says that the ACTH levels normally go down in the spring and rise in the fall. So my question is should I test him now or wait until July or August? I'm worried that we might go through the same cycle again this spring.

I know that there is a high iron content in my water (I'm on well water). What else should I test for at the same?


Susan P in BC 2020

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