Feed and Weight loss (Majik)


Hi y'all!  Overall, Majik has been doing well on balanced hay and Triple Crown Lite (as listed in her file).  Her insulin remains in the low-normal range even though Triple Crown Lite seems to be fluctuating via individual testing.  Just in the past 2-3 months Majik has lost weight.  I have been lightly riding her (due to me being out of shape/practice as much as her).  Is there a feed that is safer than Triple Crown Lite at this time?  We continue to board at the same location she has lived since I purchased her as a long yearling.  She turns 17 in April.  I plan to do fresh insulin and Cushing's testing in March.  I purchase all feed on top of full board as they continue to only carry Nutrena products.  We have a new manager who is willing to purchase some feed on the side, but none are below the 10% sugar/starch.

Thanks so much!  I will add a few pictures to her album re: condition.
Shannon and Majik (IR) and Rafiq (PPID/IR, over the rainbow bridge)
Houston 2009



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