Re: FYI for those feeding Triple Crown Lite; feed recipe variability


I used Triple Crown Lite for years for my Cushings/IR mare and on occasion sent it to Equi Analytical.  It always came back as acceptable to me because I fed so little of it.  BUT then Purina took over the milling so I decided to have it tested again.  It came back as 16% ESC plus Starch.  I was horrified and sent the test results to Triple Crown.  They asked me to have it retested so I did.  EA stated in their findings that the feed wasn't the same as in the past.  Then I got a letter from Triple Crown basically

Dear Ms. Kemmerer,


Thank you for your email and for providing the information from Equi-Analytical.  As you likely know, we provide estimated values for NSC on our products and there can be a lot of variables in the sampling and testing process that could lead to unexpected results.  We do agree with you that this sample result is higher than we would expect for TC Lite. 


We will review new data as crop inputs can change from one year to the next.  Based on your feedback, we will take steps to increase the testing frequency of our TC Lite.


If in fact we find that the NSC values for Lite have increased, we will work to find the source of the increase and modify our ingredient supply if possible to improve the result.  If a lower NSC is not possible, then we will adjust our estimated value.  Please feel free to review the carbohydrate page on our website for the latest information.


Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


Triple Crown

Jean and Amber (over the bridge)


South Carolina

August 2004

NRCPlus 0412; CIR 0813, 1211; NAT 0612

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