Re: FYI for those feeding Triple Crown Lite; feed recipe variability

Lorna Cane

Hi Laurie,

I know it's ridiculous  to say  not to worry about misguided advice you have been given , by people we should trust to help us keep our ponies healthy.
But I wish I had a dollar for every person here who has gone through the same thing....before coming here. I'd be a gazzillionaire.
For me, it happened over 25 years ago wrt my dogs, and about 22 years ago for my horses. Just to say it's not a new travesty.
The good thing is that you are here now. You'll learn about companies/professionals who do care, and who put in the effort to help us.
You have the power now to get your girl on the road to health.
Knowledge is power, and there's plenty of knowledge going on here.
Save your energy to soak it all in.

Glad to hear you've got the breathing thing under control!

Lorna  in Eastern  Ontario


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