Re: Recommended magnesium oxide for the emergency diet? Delete other supplements?

Sherry Morse

Hi Laurie,

Keep on breathing!  As far as Mag Ox - if there's a local feed mill in your area see if they can provide you with a bag of food grade Mag Ox.  It's not very expensive (well shouldn't be - about $1/lb seems to be average) and it lasts quite a while.  You can also buy the Uckele version and get a 5% discount if you use code ECIR at checkout -  

Flax can also come from the local feed mill if they have it.  You can buy the whole seeds and grind it yourself but buying at a health food store can get expensive very quickly so finding it at a mill would be a better option.

Yes, you should stop the MSM if she's positive for IR or PPID.  The TC Lite can be replaced by beet pulp or Stabul 1.  

Telling us her current weight is helpful, but we need to know what her ideal weight would be as well.  

Beet pulp needs to be rinsed/soaked/rinsed but then can be fed with water to help with hydration.  I would also add plain salt directly to the beet pulp to help encourage her to drink.  

If you feel she needs to have a salt lick just use a plain white one - there's extra dirt in the Himalayan block (that's what causes the color change) and there may be extra iron in that as well.

If you're getting stuck with uploading information just let us know where in the process you're having an issue and we'll be able to help.

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