when best to test horse for acth and ir if tested in the past in June

Deborah Ide

I read a post saying that the best time to test for ACTH is now or soon. Insulin can be elevated by cold weather , I read, so perhaps later in the Spring would be better for that. I have for the past few years had Tara have a TRH Stim Test in June (before the 21st) and had the insulin, Glucose and Leptin test done at the same time. The TRH Stim  Test has always shown her to not be PPID but of course I know that can change.Would it be best to have the ACTH checked now (and should it be the Stim test?)and have the  insulin, Glucose and Leptin checked later on in the Spring when it is warmer? Or, should I keep the schedule I had in the past  where I had them all checked in June, before the 21st?

On another note, I have a rescued gelding (registered Morgan 16 years old) and for the last year (that is when he arrived here) I have fed him as if he is IR. Should I have him have the TRH  Stim  Test too or just an ACTH test  and the insulin,Glucose and leptin? He is not showing any overt signs of PPID or IR except that he did grow a heavy winter coat (he came from Pennsylvania)with longer hair under his jaw and he is 16 years old.

November 2012
Middle Tennessee
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