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Triple Crown and virtually all major feed manufacturers follow required practices when they label a product. It's why it is so important to read labels on feeds. The following appears on Triple Crown's website under their feed page for Triple Crown Lite regarding NSC* ( notice the asterisk, which should direct you to look at the bottom of the page where the asterisk appears with the following statement)

*Estimated values determined by Equi-Analytical, Ithaca, NY. Equi-Analytical makes no claims to the accuracy of its data. Link:

***The following coefficients of variation (cv) can be associated with the carbohydrate analyses. These should reasonably account for both sampling and analytical variation, though as you know, poor sampling can lead to much larger variation. The coefficients of variation (cv) for starch is 10%, WSC is 15% and ESC is 15%. For example, a feed with a WSC value of 10% should be expected to range from 8.5 – 11.5% and a WSC value of 20% to range from 17 – 23%. In addition, there are variables on ingredients between suppliers that could be as much as an additional 5% to 10% per ingredient. Therefore, products, such as TC 30% Supplement potentially would have a smaller variation than TC Lite due to the number of bulk ingredients making up the feed (2 vs. 4).

The above is an honest answer to products from feed companies that contain numerous ingredients from numerous sources around the country. Triple Crown still doesn't have an NSC value on their new Gold products they are introducing because according to the company, they are still in the process of having sampling/analysis done from their various contract feed mills across the country to come up with an NSC range.  Remember, Triple Crown doesn't have their own singular feed mill producing their feeds anymore, that burned down several years ago and they decided not to rebuild. Instead, they contracted with mills across the country to produce feed. Well, a feed mill in CA isn't going to truck in soybean meal from Illinois, they are going to get it from as close a location as possible. Soybeans grown in one area of the country, under different climate conditions, may have different energy and protein levels. As long as it meets the guaranteed minimum on the bag label, the mill will go with it . 

Triple Crown isn't lying or deliberately deceiving horse owners regarding their products. Their marketing of these products is what it is, marketing. Triple Crown Lite is most likely a better choice for IR horses than say, Triple Crown Complete or a competitors product. But from what we know here, it's not the best choice to be fed as a stand alone supplemental feed for IR horses.  It is too variable in ESC + Starch for confirmed IR horses.

Dawn Wagstaff and Tipperary   

Saline, MI  2003

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