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Lavinia Fiscaletti

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Glory(PPID/IR) is severely rotated in the RF.  At her latest trimming a seepage was noticed just to the inside side of the frog apex.  She is barely using that leg at all.  Still up and getting around a 24' x 30' deeply bedded or sand area.  She is lying down much more.  I have her booted in EB Clouds and have shipping boots on her front legs.  Its been horrifically cold here for the past 1 1/2 weeks. (5degrees to-30f)  I began with a sugar/iodine poultice until I could get something better.  I tried the Numotizine last night.  Is it supposed to dry?  It was squished all over in her boot this morning not doing much for the abscess.  I re-poulticed with an Animalintex pad.  I want to soak with Cleantrax but Im waiting for a warmer day.  Maybe tomorrow.  I have begun to wean her off long term bute usage a few days ago.  Started her on LaminOx yesterday but she isnt eating it.  Waiting on my hay test results but have started supplementing chia, vit E and Cal. Trace.  She is eating as much hay as she will eat through a 1" slow feed net.  She is underweight.  Started out soaking her hay in November but a much more daunting task at these temps so I stopped.  What can I be doing for her to get these abscess' to pop out?  What else should I be doing?  She is so miserable and I am heartsick.  Im so afraid of bone penetrating the sole.  It is very close and xrays showed dark areas at the tip so am concerned about infection in the bone.  Should she be on oral antibiotics?  Please help me with some feedback.  Im feeling so helpless to help her!



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