Re: Scooter's Hooves ready for 1st markup - with X-rays (!!)

Leah Bartel

Hi Lavinia,

How do you know the frog and soles are being heavily over-trimmed? What should they look like instead? I was always told to just remove the "junk" sole (flaky, crumbly looking) and leave the "live" sole (smooth). I also have been mostly leaving the soles alone, except for the bar area and have been blending the bars into the natural sole. The frog Ive always been told to trim so that it is passive to the heels, meaning just slightly shorter than the heels. Please let me know if any of these frames of reference that I've been using to trim are incorrect or need to be changed in Scooter's case.

The hind foot shots have been uploaded as well so I'd love to get the markups soon! Thanks!

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