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Thank you!  Bali isn't off her feed, it is that her level of foot soreness increased immediately upon starting the Prascend again, which could be a coincidence.  She did go off her feed for 12 hours or so when we first started it on Aug 28, 2019.  I had stopped it for 3 weeks before the re-test and workup/lameness  exam/xrays (Feb 17) and started her back on 1mg Feb 19 when the vet called with the results, she'd already had breakfast when we talked. 

She was non reactive to hoof testers and my vet does think I should continue to ride her, so long as she is sound, as we all know exercise is important, and she wants to do things.

I was out of town Feb 19/20/21.  And when I got back on her on the 22nd, she felt NQR. I suppose that the Prascend could be making her feel "meh" and that is why she lost her marching pace.  She loves to ride out and this was a road ride, which she had been feeling decent on, but she definitely did not want to march actively.  She was happy with a slow mosey, so that is what we did. The farrier comes around 9am tomorrow morning.  He also was planning on calling the vet who did the test/xrays.  
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