Re: Scooter's Hooves ready for 1st markup - with X-rays (!!)

Lavinia Fiscaletti

H Leah,

Trimming feet to remain barefoot is not the same as trimming a foot in preparation for putting a shoe on it. Many practices that are "the norm" for shoeing are detrimental to the health of the foot as a whole but may be necessary in order to be able to attach a shoe. They may also just be long-standing traditions that aren't based on physiology.

There is no visible calloused frog remaining on the front feet, so that means they are over-trimmed. Only remove flaps that are already dangling. Frogs need to callous off just like the soles. It is the protective layer that keeps the live tissue from being exposed. In general, farriers tend to like to make the frogs look neat, tidy and shiny - to the detriment of their being able to function properly. The frog should be solidly in ground contact. Have a read here for more info:

Ditto for the soles of  barefoot horse - they will, for the most part, clean up their own soles as needed. If there is laminitis, flaring, tenderness in the feet - first rule is to leave the soles alone as they are likely already too thin and can use every millimeter of extra protection that they can find. Bars serve a function, more of one when the horse has other structural issues in the hoof. If the bars aren't actually "offering" to crack off, chances are they are needed and you should be very cautious in dealing with them:

Thanks for getting the additional photos up. I'll get some mark-ups to you but I do have a couple of people already in line so it likely won't be before the weekend.

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