Re: Cushing / EMS / Laminitis - don't know what to do anymore

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--What Dr Kellon describes did happen to my 20 yr old gelding Vinnie who was diagnosed with IR in 2014 and had his first episode of laminitis in Nov of 2018. He had what we perceived to be a mild laminitis and was back to trot and canter work after about 8 months of careful rehab. He started to be off after being put into some shoes that were not properly supportive for a post laminitis foot. I can share pics of the latter. Sadly even though I hired a new l therapeutic farrier, the mild lameness in the left front became a 5 lame because the damage had already been done from the old farrier and then from not being able to bear weight on the left front it triggered a secondary laminitis in all 4 feet.  While it was incredibly painful, it is recoverable. After 8 months of stall rest and resecting some hoof wall to remove pressure and helping the abscess serum and blood to finally exit the foot from both the coronary band and the bottom of the foot; he just began hand walking rehab 3 weeks ago and is on his way to a full recovery. I follow this group and it has been a tremendous resource. The diet is key and being incredibly diligent. I am lucky to have an awesome vet and  awesome new therapeutic farrier who have really been collaborative and helped us get through this.
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