Re: Is Spookiness pergolide side-effect?


I have had the same experience with my mare (19 this year). I have had her since she was a weanling and although she has always been high strung, she has never been spooky. She was somewhat quieter than usual before starting on Prascend (1 mg) and after dosing (starting Fall of 2018) she regained her energy but with a spookiness that I had never experienced before - jumping and shying at shadows, noises, things close up, things in the distance and things I couldn't see at all! Last year, I just rode her quietly since I was rehabbing her from laminitis in the fall of 2018 and chose safe places to ride, though it was still always an adventure. She had a month or so break over winter, and when I started her up again this year, she has seemed a little more like her original self, though still jumpy. The only other thing I am trying to consider is whether the muscle weakness that came after the bout of laminitis left her feeling unbalanced/uncomfortable and contributed to her spookiness. This year she is stronger, and so perhaps feels more self-assured. I would have to say though, my feeling is that the Prascend is contributing to her spookiness. Sorry, I have not suggestions...
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