Re: Is Spookiness pergolide side-effect?

Andrea Carr-Evans

Yes, I had his eyes checked. Twice. By 2 different vets, once last March 2019 and at the end of Oct 2019 when he was "not quite right". Both times I was told his eyes were fine. 

As for the difference between his "frenetic" of last March and this Spookiness is that his frenetic was chattering the bit, racing and jigging, just sense of not settling down. Also if out with other horses there was often a sense of needing to race. He was not this way until 2018. But he only had a bout of spookiness when he was diagnosed w/ Lyme in May 2016. After treated w/ doxy Spookiness went away and he has not been spooky since. He's a pretty steady guy, except for the frenetic trail behavior exacerbated when out w/ more than 1 other horse. He is fine working in a ring. Not frenetic. 
Andrea + Tasman
2020 January  Boston, MA

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