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Thanks Dr Kellon.

She is shifting her weight on all 4 now but don’t feel pulses.

What will the Chaste tree berry do for her?  Help with the ovarian issues or the buildup of prolactin. Is she ah big full blown laminitis attack then?

What if I gave her some pergolide as I have some on hand that I use for my other horse.  Would this be worth a try?  

Please let me know.  Thanks!

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Definitely try stopping the estradiol. I can't explain how it could make her worse but it isn't helping. I'm wondering is prolactin overproduction/? prolactinoma could be her issue although it's never been reported in a horse. The ovarian hormones and involvement of IR can fit with that. I don't know of anyone currently looking at prolactin who could test her. You could do a trial of Evitex (follow product directions for loading dose). If they don't ship to Canada, this one does and has a "recipe" for making your own although I can't vouch for its effectiveness:
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