Update on Wixie



My Shetland pony Wixie is doing better. The farrier trimmed her 2 weeks ago and ordered turn out during the day plus walking her in hand for about 500 meters. She has improved dramatically. I am trying to wean her off of bute but this unfortunately doesn't work yet. Today I had an acupuncture and magnetic blanket session for her to help her muscles and it seems to work well as well.

Today I have uploaded haylage and grass pellets analysis. It is in Swedish but hopefully it is not too complicated to understand. 'Socker' means sugar and it is WSC. Haylage is 9.2% WSC and grass pellets is 6.2% WSC. These two products are the best I can get at the moment (its very hard to get low sugar hay where I live). Currently I am feeding 2 kg grass pellets (weighted dry) soaked, 1 kg haylage, 0.5 kg straw. On the top of it the pony gets magnesium oxide, zinc, devils claw powder, boswellia concentrate, vitamin E and bute.

Thank you for your input

Anna, Sweden 2020




I would appreciate input on the amounts and how to balance her feed.
Anna, Sweden, 2020

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