Please help with lab units/results for CH

Joy V

Hi, I need a little help w/ converting my lab results for my CH.  I searched the files and found info for "insulin-glucose" ratios, but the lab my vet used doesn't measure in any of those units.  I'm hoping someone can take a look at my results and either guide me to the proper file so I can figure it out, or show me a formula maybe?

Results are from Loomis - I suspect.  (Loomis would not confirm the lab used and unconfirmed rumor has it that they have an in-house lab now for these types of tests - hence the reason they did the study in September 2019).

Here are my gelding's results:

TEST                             RESULT                                   REFERENCE RANGE

ACTH                            42.502 pmol/L                           1.93 - 9.0 pmol/L
Insulin                            26.6 uU/ml                                4.5 - 20.0 uU/ml
Glucose                         68 mg/dL                                  75.0 - 115.0 mg/dL

If someone could help me understand the following:  I don't know what is meant by "lab units" on the CH, I don't know what formula to use for the insulin/glucose because the result units don't match up w/ what the formula states in the files.  Any other helpful hints are gratefully accepted.

Thank you in advance,
Joy and Willie  
(aka FLS Boxcar Willie)

Nevada County, CA - 2019

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