Re: Please help with lab units/results for CH

Joy V

Tthanks so much Lavinia, I appreciate it.. 

He needs to be re-tested at this point.  Those results are from September during the rise and he is currently on 1 pill of Prascend.  I do need to figure out if his PPID & IR is controlled now or not.  I need to have the vet out this month to check his teeth & will get new tests done then.  I wish my vet would send them to Cornell, but he's with Loomis Basin and they are getting their own lab up and running, so....  :(  

He has been getting footy from the little bits of new grass growing at the edges of his fence line.  I have used vinegar & salt to kill it.  Vinegar works really quickly, but I need a 500 gallon drum!

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