Andersen Feed not in Pelham Tractor Supply again - UPDATE

Irene Collins-Fotino

Hello again,

I have spoken with Randy and the district manager of Tractor Supply and Tractor Supply will be receiving
shipments from Andersen Feed. The relationship that Andersen Feed had with Blue Seal has ended and
so I would expect that there may be some delays in shipping. In fact the TSC district manager initially told
me that his manager told him that TSC would no longer be receiving Andersen Feed products. I gave him
Randy's phone number and sure enough Randy updated him that they could in fact still receive the product.
TSC is a petri dish of mis-communication. I don't understand how they stay in business. But I do feel better
that I can get Stabul 1 at a decent price. Chewy is twice the price.  :-(  

Irene & Logan
NRC 2009
Hudson, NH

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