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Hi Jeanne!
The farrier I was using for my IR pony was referred to me by my vet.    I will spare you the details, but I ended up finding a barefoot trimmer to trim my pony.   The first time he came out he said my pony’s hooves were 3 times too big.   We had been dealing with thrush for 18 months.   We got a game plan together and after a few months he showed me how to trim so that I could trim every 3 weeks and he would trim every 3 weeks.  That way he could keep an eye on what I was doing and my pony could get trimmed as often as she needed.   We were able to get her sound again after much work.  The day my daughter rode her again made all of the work worth it.   So if you have to pick up the rasp then so be it.   The most valuable thing I learned from this group is that I am my horse’s advocate and that means that I have to seek out the answers that work for us.    This groups track record is nothing short of amazing.  Hang in there and do what your instincts tell you to do.   You won’t be sorry.   
Pam in Va 
Buttercup IR and Frosty PPID both over the bridge
Story IR and Roscoe PPID. 

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