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Cindy Q

Hi Jeanne

You will probably find it easier to start with the fine (file) side of the rasp first. Also, for rasping or even if you are filing, if you use strength rasping/ push it in hard, it actually becomes harder and is the wrong way to do it as your rasp will stutter/chatter more (like get stuck on many speed bumps). What helps is a light hand to guide the rasp as it glides in a long stroke.

Bellota top sharp is popular among professional trimmers. In case you need more options, Heller Legends are popular also. I use Heller Excel Original but that may suit my climate/humidity more. For a beginner, also have a look at the Bellota Mini (sold on Amazon and currently about 27 USD with free shipping and handle included) - I haven't used it but I've seen it in person and the size is quite handy for one handed work and will be light. However, if you have only one rasp and need to do more, probably a full sized rasp is more effective/efficient once you get used to using it. Cheap pair of electrician/workman/gardening gloves work well - they usually have nitrile or a rubber like coating over the front side.

Even if you find a good trimmer (and I hope you do), this is something useful to start learning for in-between touchups. Pete's dvds are good.

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